Interview met Prinses Madeleine van Zweden t.g.v. Haar aankomende huwelijk met Christopher O’Neill

Bron: Ewa-Marie Rudquist;; montage:  Gekroonde Hoofden

Het Zweedse Koninklijk Hof heeft een interview met H.K.H. Prinses Madeleine van Zweden vrijgegeven t.g.v. Haar aankomende huwelijk met Christopher O’Neill. Hieronder volgt het interview in het Engels.

There are less than four months until the wedding. How is the planning going?
“Less than four months to go! Time flies when you’re having fun. We’re busy planning. Even though I’m in New York working for Childhood, the planning is going very well. We’re getting a fantastic amount of help from back home, and the support from our families is making things much easier for Chris and me.”

A wedding takes a lot of planning, especially a royal wedding. Who is helping with the planning?
“There are so many people involved in the planning, who are putting in a great deal of time and energy. We don’t want to single out any individuals — it’s a team effort, and there are a lot of people involved. We’re so grateful for all the help we’re getting!”

Christopher O’Neill has both American and British citizenship. Will there be a best man and bridesmaids at the wedding like in the UK and the US?
“Yes and no. Chris will have a best man by his side, but I won’t have bridesmaids. Just like my mum and my sister, I’ll have bridal attendants — that’s a wedding tradition that I want to continue.”

Will the wedding be broadcast on TV?
“We want to make our wedding as accessible as possible. But there hasn’t been a final decision on broadcasting it yet.”

Has the guest list been finalised?
“Yes, I think we can safely say so. The invitations will be sent out by 1 April, so there’s not much time left. It’s been hard, because we wanted to invite everyone, but unfortunately that wasn’t possible.”

Has a decision been made on whether it will be a morning or afternoon wedding?
“We’ll be having an afternoon wedding, followed by a dinner.”

Where will the wedding dinner be held?
“The wedding dinner will be held at Drottningholm Palace, which I’m very pleased about. Drottningholm Palace means so much to me — it’s where I was born and grew up.”


Google vertaling van het interview.

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3 reacties op Interview met Prinses Madeleine van Zweden t.g.v. Haar aankomende huwelijk met Christopher O’Neill

  1. Anja zegt:

    Leuk die interviews, maar mijn Engels is niet zo dat ik het goed kan lezen. Kun je ze vertalen of een link naar vertaling in het Nederlands. Heel erg graag.

  2. Anja zegt:

    Bedankt voor de link, kun je dit ook doen met het interview van haar vader Koning Carl Gustav.
    Alsvast bedankt.

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